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bootloader unlock needed?

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Hi Laura and the HMD community team! If I'm not mistaken then in order to flash a manually downloaded system image (not ota) then we'll need to unlock the bootloader on the 7 plus, won't we? Thanks :)

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I have the same query
As you see on p download information, flash is using adb sideload, this not need unlocked bootloader, but :

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For some reason I can't access that thread I end up in a loop of "log in, redirecting"

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Same problem here... @madbilly

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Hi Rinzler and madbilly, 

did you guys already register for the Dev. Preview? If not than this is the reason why you can't access the thread. Registered users have access to all sub-forums for the Dev. Preview. 

Best regards, 


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Hi Laura, I tried to register but my Nokia 8 isn't part of the developer preview programme yet. Please can you make the details of how it works available for all to see, not only those who have registered? Maybe post them in this thread to answer my question? Thanks :)
Only one phone per company (except pixel) can be a part of the preview... So... Nokia chose the 7+ to be a part of it. Nothing can be done about that.

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My question was about this programme, not whether the the 8 will be included or not. So, can HMD please share the technical information more widely than just with those who are registered? After all, we're on this forum because we're interested about all HMD's Nokia phones, past present and future.
In me link is thread too about unlocking bootloader but for another reason, without answer... Anyway for you info, as i say, for flash P on N7p is not need unlocked bootloader, only save zip with P update, putting N7p to recovery with cable connected to pc and run: adb sideload

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