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Can someone please confirm if 7plus supports Jio VOLTE?

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Ofc it supports Jio, Airtel & also Vodafone's VoLTE

It worked on my phone when I did set up the sim but as soon as the device restarted, VoLTE isn't working.

@Tagore M vodafone volte has not yet started for N7+ Dual SIM. Even though vodafone has confirmed that it supports volte on this phone in my circle, i cannot see "enhanced 4G Volte" option in phone settings.

Yes, Jio Volte is working in Nokia 7 Plus and it is supported on both sim.

I had to reset my phone to factory to make it work! That's pathetic. I have done reset of my device twice over the last two days to make things work.

I am unable to call JIO customer care number(199/198) with nokia 7+. When I insert the same SIM to other phone , the call is successful. Is anyone else facing the same issue?
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