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Nokia 7 Plus not working in Singapore with Starhub Service Provider

Concern: I purchased Nokia 7 Plus recently and when I am trying to use it in Singapore with Service Provider - Starhub(Second Largest in Singapore), I am not able to use it. Below are the issues I am facing when I try to use a Starhub SIM card in Nokia 7 plus mobile.

* Phone is likely to get hanged. Means it gets non responsive. 

* After sometime, the phone pops up error message - "Process isn't responding". Mostly I get this error message.

* Twice the phone popped up error message - "Mobile Network isn't responding". 

* I am not even able to switch on mobile data after I move out of the above error message. If I switch on, and come out of settings.. it automatically gets switched off. 

* The SIM card tries to take the network signal but at rare cases it gets, but mostly there is no signal for calls and messages too.

Anyone faces similar issue with any other service providers or in any other country, please help me with a solution. 

Note: Singtel(Largest service provider in singapore) - I tried with one of their SIM cards and it worked. My mobile also works well for Airtel India SIM card. 

Anyone can get me a solution here? 

It seems that it is the issue in PR1.0. 

Can you check to get the Build Number under Settings > About …


The only way to resolve is to do OTA update to PR2.0. (which will be coming soon.)

Hey.. Do you need the Build Number to validate something ?

I dont understand PR1.0 and PR2.0.. Can you please elaborate ?

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