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May I ask why the TA-1062 version is still yet to be available to participate in Beta program?

I currently use a Nokia 7 plus (TA-1062), while I see that both TA-1046 and TA-1055 users can try out beta, is there any reason why TA-1062 users are left out?

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By the way mine is the Hong Kong version if that makes a difference

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I have the same issue, I use TA-1062, and mine is the Taiwan version.

Technical moderator

Hi All

Thanks for your question and appreciate you're keen to use the dev preview build on your TA-1062. We've aligned the currently supported models with our software development teams, and I cant give a timeframe or firm commitment for TA-1062 at the moment I'm afraid.

Should the position change, we will of course post an update.



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buy nokia 7 plus  just for android P.  why TA-1062 users are left out?

Could you announce when the TA-1062 was supported?

same here, bought the Nokia 7 Plus just to test Android P, and found out TA-1062 isn't supported...

Very very Disappointed!
Find on XDA rollback for TA-1062 copy to SD card and restart the phone. I did it last night and now I'm on 8.1 May security patch My model TA 1062 Vodafone UK
If you guys not support to all Nokia 7 plus,not said you support that, honestly you are not good, so regret to buy 7 plus!damn,!!

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