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May I ask why the TA-1062 version is still yet to be available to participate in Beta program?

I currently use a Nokia 7 plus (TA-1062), while I see that both TA-1046 and TA-1055 users can try out beta, is there any reason why TA-1062 users are left out?

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By the way mine is the Hong Kong version if that makes a difference

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I have the same issue, I use TA-1062, and mine is the Taiwan version.

Technical moderator

Hi All

Thanks for your question and appreciate you're keen to use the dev preview build on your TA-1062. We've aligned the currently supported models with our software development teams, and I cant give a timeframe or firm commitment for TA-1062 at the moment I'm afraid.

Should the position change, we will of course post an update.



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buy nokia 7 plus  just for android P.  why TA-1062 users are left out?

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Could you announce when the TA-1062 was supported?

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same here, bought the Nokia 7 Plus just to test Android P, and found out TA-1062 isn't supported...

Very very Disappointed!

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Find on XDA rollback for TA-1062 copy to SD card and restart the phone. I did it last night and now I'm on 8.1 May security patch My model TA 1062 Vodafone UK
If you guys not support to all Nokia 7 plus,not said you support that, honestly you are not good, so regret to buy 7 plus!damn,!!

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That doesn't really answer the question. What's the difference between TA-1046 and TA-1062 that makes the later not being eligible for beta program? This announcement doesn't say anything about unsupported sub models:

It's not that you write somewhere that different versions exist and what the differences are.

As I bought this device as an Android Developer to have early access to Android P I feel a bit fooled. If you can't provide "a timeframe or firm commitment for TA-1062 at the moment" this device will go back to the seller and you lost me as a customer.

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Tech Wizard

Hello, Good news for TA 1062 model users, you can now join the Android Developer Preview. Laura our moderator just published the news here. Follow this link. Thank you and enjoy.

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Still not work I'm in Taiwan and fit the condition!

@Wilson Shrestha

Thanks for the update but I still can't register the device at, I still receive "Sorry, Nokia phones Android developer previews are not currently supported on your phone." I have Model TA-1062 (HW-Version 5.0) with Build Number 00WW_2_22A.

I assume Laura is only talking about the technical possibility to install the build (I assume it's the same package for all N7P models) but not about the device registration page. Thus they may not have updated the models whitelist at the webpage.

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@wilson shrestha as mentioned about my build is also 00WW, yet I cannot join the program through the the site
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