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Who has received the May Security Patch Update on Nokia 8?

Yesterday, users of Nokia 5 and 6 started receiving the Google Security Patch Update for May 2018. Has anyone received such on his or her Nokia 8?

No, still not.

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Not yet

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I hope something big is coming this month, may be that's why security patch delayed this month for Nokia 8. May be camera pro n glance update. Fingers crossed.

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Tech Wizard

Nokia 5 user here. Update was 137MB !

Still figuring out what has changed in my phone..

Nothing for Nokia 5 and 6 except security patch upgrade. But for Nokia 8, Pro Camera and Glance screen upgrades pending.

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not yet, hope it's major update for Nokia 8, and also hoping new camera here too

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It's not hope, it's demand Nokia 7plus and sirocco release already...if they still put holding pro camera and release update only means... We just tear b**t of HMD doubt
Nokia 6.1 also didn't get may security patch update
@kuldeep.k Whats wrong with the glance feature? I don't know as i don't use it.

Nokia's Glance screen is very basic. If you have used any OnePlus device check out how advanced their notification system is. But for Nokia there were some leaked screenshots with updated Glance screen. I hope Nokia can provide some extra notifications with update Glance screen 2. Check out the link below:

user1519150275381: Its a very basic Glance in Nokia 8. There were leaked screenshots in Feb that Nokia is working on Glance screen 2 where we can get more notifications like WhatsApp etc.

I have not received even April security patches in Poland. Is it something on my side or is Nokia intentionally delaying patches in some regions?
Not got it yet either.
Has anyone received the update? Support said the May Security Patch Update has already been released but it may take time for various users of Nokia 8 to receive it. Support also said they are only remote chat agents and can't confirm if the Pro Camera App is included in the Security update as it was done on Nokia 7 (China).. It will be a great disappointment if the Pro Camera App update isn't included in the May Security Patch Update. We Nokia 8 users have suffered and we deserve better.

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