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Who has received the May Security Patch Update on Nokia 8?

Yesterday, users of Nokia 5 and 6 started receiving the Google Security Patch Update for May 2018. Has anyone received such on his or her Nokia 8?

I got the May patch on May 16th (UK SIM free TA-1012)


I'm from Italy too, TA-1004 model, no brand phone bought on Amazon web site on november 2017, Vodafone sim card operator.

I've received Oreo 8.1just a couple days after Nokia-HDM released it all over Europe, May security patch the very same day they released it all over the world.

I received the May patch on the 20th of May (Nokia 8, running on the Three network in the UK).

 I also got the May security patch.

I tried with Vodafone Sim, leaving it all night, but without any notification of updates. Also with VPN no results. Any ideas? Thanks
Got it a couple of weeks ago in the UK. TA-1012.
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