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GPS stopping

I have been using the Sportractive GPS tracker but since upgrading to android 8.1 the tracker stops after about 30 minutes. I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall it but now it says it's incompatible with my device. Checked on Sportractives site and there is a known problem with various Nokia models since the upgrade from android 8 to 8.1. I tried Strava and this has the same issue, the app stops recording after about 30 mins. Has anybody else encountered this.

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 I have the same issue indeed with Strava, hopefully HMD is fixing this soon.

Hi Stian I installed Wake Lock from the Google store. I turn this on and select Partial Wake Lock before I use Strava and it has solved the problem. Hope this helps.

I have the same issue with Nokia 8S / Oreo and Sportractive, Strava or Runkeeper. Having Amazon Music Player running at the same time fixes the issue. But without a second application running, it does not work. All OS adjustments that are reasonable do not fix the issue either. 

Does Nokia / HMD already look into this issue? It is clear that a long battery time is a key interest of device makers, and GPS does consume a lot energy. BUT it is my decision to use it for my activity purposes and hence I know that the battery will be strained, but this is ok in this time. My decision, isn't it?

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