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Thinking of returning the phone

So after a week and a half I'm seeing plenty of bugs: Random lags and hanging. Swiping up on drawer or launching assistant often has desktop icons overlaying. Bluetooth flaky. Volume controls keep resetting. Do not disturb presets don't kick in automatically most of the time. Battery life not great considering the capacity. Search bar on home screen often reverts to the sharp rectangular look and have restart phone to get the rounded one back. These are off the top of my head but there are probably more. I'm thinking some of these (at least) might be fixed with the 8.1 update which I still haven't received but I'm running out of time to be able to return the phone for refund so I can't wait around for the update if it's not going to fix anything. Does anyone who has got the 8.1 update experience any of the above?

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I Bought My device on 30-04-18. 

I updated to 8.1 till now i haven't find any lag,app crash,launching app including battery isue

Well got fed up waiting and installed manually. Some issues seem to be fixed but the do not disturb problem still there. After a reboot the search bar stays rectangular doesn't respond to touch for about 5 minutes until it finally rounds off and lets me use it. Not noticed any hanging anymore but a lot 9f animations are stuttering. Cannot swipe to Google feed after changing wallpaper. Other than the do not disturb issue, none of these are major but added together are irritating so I think I will be sending it back and looking what else is out there.
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