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Nokia 5 manufacture issues

Brand new NOKIA 5 comes with the following issues: 1) hangs time to time 2) Crashes apps 3) Crashes system UI 4) corrupted SD cards 5) very slow speed It has these issues any one have any solution because I was asked by Nokia remote technical support to wait foro Android update and now I am no Android 8.1 and my 30 days replacement period is over

This is just a guess, but SD corruption suggests to me that you may have a counterfeit SD card, which could actually in turn be responsible for many other symptoms. Did you get your SD from a reputable retailer, and good brand? Additionally, if you are using it for adopted internal storage, a card with A1 U3 V30 ratings (e.g. SanDisk Extreme) is strongly recommended; slower cards are likely to cause general performance problems.

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Tech Wizard

You could try removing the SD card and use your phone.
If the problem still persists, Maybe give a hard reset / Format phone option.

Also, check for System Updates.

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