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Video aspect ratio problem.

The phone plays nicely wide 18:9 videos on YouTube but when using other video services like Vimeo or Finnish TV's Areena the wider video formats are run in a letterbox. So there are big black blocks on all sides of the screen (top, low, right, left) . This is extremely annoying bug. Phone has a big screen but only part of it is used for a wide video. 'Normal' 16:9 are running perfectly, so there is only small black blocks on left and right sides of the screen (because it's a 18:9 screen)

This isn't a bug. As the phone has a longer aspect ratio, any video with shorter aspect ratio will play with black bars on all four sides. You will have to fit it to screen but it will crop the video.
You didn't get my point. I was talking about wider videos, like 18:9 which is the aspect ratio of the screen. Then there should not be any black bars. Video should cover the full screen and the more common 16:9 phones should have upper/lower black bars. So it is definitely a bug. I'm not sure should I blame Nokia, Google or the apps I use. But as I said YouTube handles all perfectly.
My guesses would be either that the other video services are including the top and bottom bars in their video stream, or their apps are too dumb to properly cope with an unexpected aspect ratio (erroneously assuming that 16:9 and 4:3 are the only possibilities). In both of those cases, it's the video services at fault. Contacting the app or video service support is probably the more likely route to getting it fixed.
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