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Poor Audio Output through 3.5mm

The audio output through earphones is terrible. Always it feels as if the audio is clipping. This is major disappointment. NOKIA 7 plus audio output is bad compared to my old phone (moto m). I listen to only 24bit 96KHz FLAC audio. However I tried with MP3 format also.

Snapdragon 660 has Qualcomm Aqstic audio in it. According to the website it should sound better than the cheaper phones. 

But this is not the case with NOKIA. Has the team not enabled this ? I strongly feel so. I tried with all my headphones and earphones. The phone doesn't have enough power to drive them in full volume. Even with tiny earphones, the output is terrible. Audio is always clipping and getting compressed sometimes also. Dynamic range is also bad.

All this feedback given is without using the FX. Even with FX on, the ability to handle audio at high volume decreases only.

Something is wrong with the audio system.

Please do enable this in future update and fix the audio.

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I am also facing the same issue. I tried different earphones but sound quality is not as expected. Nokia should fix this issue soon.
Actually I feel bad and ignorant for posting this. It was because the headphone jack wasn't inserted properly. I was using 3rd party earphone from the start. You need to apply some pressure for all 4 pins to come to proper contact. If all 4 pins are not in proper contact, audio output will be poor. Looks like we have to ram the earphone jack in, till a proper clicky sound is heard. The earphone jack is a bit tight. On other phones earphone jacks slide in smoothly. In Nokia 7 plus its a bit tight. So if we insert the jack gently like we do in other phones, it won't get proper contact. I found this out after I used the OEM earphone.

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