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Need information on 7plus. Please help..

Hello All,

I am currently planning to buy 7plus. It looks like Nokia is boasting a lot about this model.

Can someone who is already the owner of this phone, please confirm me below list of things?

1. What is the latest OS on this is it Android 8 or 8.1?

2. Do you get regular update from Google? like security patches or OS updates?

3. I really need Auto call recorder to record incoming as well as outgoing calls due to nature of my work. does it have inbuilt feature? if not then does it support third party Apps for the same and record both side calls?

4. How is the camera quality? Does it supports Bokeh mode from the Front camera as well as the rare camera?

5. How is the speaker and audio or voice quality of this phone?

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I've tried an open source call recorder app and it doesn't work. There's no built in call recording AFAIK. But that *may* come on android P (

Speakers are not front facing, so it's not that loud unless you cup your hands at the bottom grill to reflect the sound towards you. Voice quality seems ok.

Regarding OS, it does have fairly good amount of patches and updates. It's an android one device so you'll always get the latest updates. It's also one of the few phones to come with Android P beta developer preview that is officially supported by Nokia.

I'm not an expert in camera, but I've found low light photography (normal automatic mode) to be mediocre and a little noisy. I'm on P beta so I don't know if it's because of that.

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