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[PETITION] Possibility to unlock the Bootloader on our Nokia 7 plus

In my opinion everyone should be able to decide to have the bootloader unlocked, or not - no matter for what reason. This should be a default option - on every phone.

There may be people who do not care about that, but I think especially owners of the Nokia 7 plus - including me - want to have the possibility to unlock the bootloader.

Because of that I've decided to start this petition. I hope many of you will support this - with the score that HMD soon open up the door and give us unlimited control over our device.

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Im in

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I am in. Please let us unlock the bootloader.

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 +1

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I'm in. Nokia could really be the next nexus (or surpass it) if they make their phones more development friendly :-D

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Really agree, bootloader unlocking should really happen here. Looking forward to this being implemented

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I agree, should be unlocked. After all we bought the phone and should be able to access it fully.

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Vote for !!! 

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Unlock the bootloader, what are u waiting for?

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 I'm in of course, please unlock.

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I think it is necessary to unlock, thank you for your petition.

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I'm in!

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