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[PETITION] Possibility to unlock the Bootloader on our Nokia 7 plus

In my opinion everyone should be able to decide to have the bootloader unlocked, or not - no matter for what reason. This should be a default option - on every phone.

There may be people who do not care about that, but I think especially owners of the Nokia 7 plus - including me - want to have the possibility to unlock the bootloader.

Because of that I've decided to start this petition. I hope many of you will support this - with the score that HMD soon open up the door and give us unlimited control over our device.

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I've been asking for this feature as well and I hope Nokia Will allow us to do so.

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You have the choice to unlock bootloader or not, as I will have the choice to buy a Nokia phone or not...

I agree! It would be advantageous in both directions: Nokia would sell more devices for sure, and users would have full control over their device. The decision to NOT unlock bootloader does not make sense at all! Nokia, wake up!!
I am in
I'm in
Sign me up for it too. Let's get the bootloader unlocked!
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