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8.1 update and april patch

Hi, I have a Nokia ta-1053 dual sim and i still haven't received the april security patch and the Android 8.1 update. My operator is orange FR I'm worried because we're already mid may... Thanks you

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@Marek Sedlak

I've received 8.1 update by removing the SIM card and performing factory reset (of course I backed the phone up before performing this). On Vodafone CZ network, it offered me no update.

However the 8.1 update did not bring any security improvements. Security patch level is still March 1, 2018.

@Marek Sedlak

Yes, the Vodafone CZ is the blocker. I've contacted them and no response. But in my case the solution was:
1. remove Vodafine SIM1 and left here only Kaktus SIM -> telefon restarts
2. now 8.1 us available - March 2018 security level

3. after restart it offered April security patch, then May and June as the last one

4. put back the Vodafone SIM

No need to reset anything. Just put another SIM to phone.

@ bmann

You didn't have to reset anything, nor even the network settings? Because I've tried it right now, with no success. Still 8.1/March security.

The only difference I see is that I have no second SIM.

Hmm. Last week I made some soft reset based on advice on Nokia's chat, but it did not help.
The reset was hold "power" and "volume up" for 10 seconds. Maybe you may try it.

Yes, I have dual SIM and just removed the Vodafone SIM, made all upgrades and put the SIM back.
In both cases the phone restarted as it detected new SIM card setup.


I just spoke with Nokia support and they have fixed the problem. With their help I managed to get past March 2018 / Android 8.0 and onto 8.1.

What they said was:


    First, please go to Settings >> Applications/Apps & Notifications >> (Show all) Three dots on the top-right >> Show System >> Carrier Services >> Storage >> Cache and tap to clear it.
    Then, remove any SIM Cards on your device and shut down your device (Long press the Power Button >> Power Off).
    Wait for about 15 minutes, then turn on your device without the SIM Card.
    10 minutes after it loads, please connect to a stable Wi-Fi Connection and check for your System Updates by going to Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates.
    Should this not work, please go back to step 2, but on step 3, please insert a SIM Card from a different Network Operator and proceed to step 4.


I had to use the "should this not work" trick, inserting a SIM card from a different operator. I used what is normally my SIM2 (Swisscom). Normally my 1st operator is Orange FR, same as OP.

This approach works, but it couldn't be called a "solution", merely a nasty workaround. Come in, reset my phone to get updates?

 Yeah it's a bit of a hack. It may be that it would have been enough to just remove the Orange FR sim card, which was causing the problem.

 And at least it isn't a reset of the phone, just one system service which is automatically configured. AFAIK this is basically a "feature", that the network operator can block certain updates.

I am very frustrated with my Nokia 5. I have the TA-1053 model as well, and it's still stuck on Android 8.0.0 and the 1 Feb 2018 security patch. I'm in the UK and am using this phone on giffgaff, which is an O2 reseller.

I have tried contacting Nokia Support multiple times about this. They were mostly unhelpful, advising me to wait and be patient, as well as giving me similar advice to kyrsjo above.

I have just spent most of the day today (on what is meant to be a holiday!) trying to get this phone to update. I've done a hard (factory) reset. I have followed the advice from kyrsjo above, both with and without inserting a SIM from another operator. I have done a Network Settings reset and also tried clearing the Google Services Framework cache and data, all in multiple separate attempts. None of these things worked unfortunately and my phone is still stuck on 1 Feb update. 

Can anyone help me to get this phone to update to Android 8.1 and the latest security patch, which seems to be July 2018 at the time of writing?

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