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Double tap to wake

Double tap to wake in working correctly in your devices? I've some problem... the option is enabled but it works once in ten...  Thanks...

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Wich Android version are you using? I had no problems with dt2w with 8.1. I was very pleased that HMD implemented this feature. With my previous device - the Nexus 6P - I had to activate it with custom apps/tweaks what required root. Now I'm running the Android P developer preview for the N7+ and dt2w isn't built-in anymore. But I hope it will return in again.

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Seems to work for me 9 times out of 10. Occasionally it will not work but I will double tap again immediately and it will then register.

 Update to Android 8.1.0 with May 2018 security patch. Factory reset. Tap to wake is still not woking. :(

I had to lift the phone in order to work... but not is resting on the desk... same behavior?

Working here. V2.22a

I also wiped the phone (in recovery mode), installed Android P and Oreo again. 100% clean phone.

But same problem, i have to tap 4-5-6 times to wake... hardware problem?

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