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Android P on Nokia 7 Plus


Tell me: How to try the beta version of Android P on Nokia 7 Plus - what is the procedure and sequence of installation?


Подскажите: Как опробовать бета версию Android P на Nokia 7 Plus - какова процедура и последовательность установки?!

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The easiest way is to register to the Nokia Phones Android developer preview program. Link: You have to add your device by adding your IMEI (slot 1) and your network operator. After that you will be informed if your device is official supported for the beta program. If it is, just follow the detailed description on the website. Have fun 邏
So I've installed Android p beta .. but I'm haveing an issue . I have a Jio sim card that uses volte... I'm able to make and receive calls . Net is also working.. but sms are not coming nor is it showing volte

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Hi I've resisted for the developer preview. it say my IMEI is already registered, but no information after that. What are the next steps.

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Request for ota update from the site then go check ur phone it should be there when you search for an update
Sorry for asking. How do you register for an OTA update? Click on install over the air and follow the instructions
It's for users who wish to try beta update. You will get update automatically when it is available.No worries.
Beta updates will not be pushed out to you you need to request for an ota and then go to settings - update and download that's the way Nokia is delivering beta updates as of now

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when will get stable Android P version
En unos días saldrá antes de finalizar septiembre ok
Thank you
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