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"OK Google" working on N7P?

Has anyone managed to get this to work?

I can go through the Google setup to activate it, and record (train) the voice. However, when I try saying "OK Google" once it has been setup - nothing happens.



N7P / TA-1055 / 8.0.0 /UK

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I too faced same issue, try this, issue resolved now. (Clear Google app cache)

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I too faced same issue, try this, issue resolved now. (Clear Google app cache)

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Yeap, fails for me too.

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I find if the screen is off it won't work, but once I turn on the screen it seems to work

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Hey user1526122885253

Oh, thanks, that doesn't work for me. :(

What device code are OS version do you have?

Thanks Balachandar, that worked for me! :)

same issue, i found out it happens when google app is updatet to recent version , klick and hold finger on google app and then (i) -> revert to version that came with the phone.

after that "ok google" is working again from unlocked phone

never worket out of the box for locked screen !

 How to revert to version that came with the phone? I have no option like that...

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Hold Finger on Google App , Menu appears , Press (i) then on the next screen there are 3 dots in top right corner ... Click on it , it says something like " uninstall updates" done . Somehow Everytime this app is changed you have to do the voice recognition again . But after that step everything works again . Hope Google fixes that asap .
No point wasting time trying things, it's never worked on this phone. I even tried the useless "support" chat. They said it's disabled for security, I said that makes no sense since it works on lock screen so is still bypassing locks. They said my language was set wrong, I said it wasn't. They said I needed to be on latest software, I said I was. Finally they said it's not currently available on this phone and don't know when it will be. I said their support chat is a useless waste of time
Working again with today's update Be sure to deactivate and activate "ok Google" to trigger it working n7p user
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