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Camera softness

I found out that on my Nokia 7 plus pictures often have some softness on the right edge or in the corners. Did anybody notice the same?

Not noticed any softness apart from the overdone noise reduction, but most smartphone cameras in this range suck at noise reduction, I'd rather have it turned off totally. I use open camera when possible but the stock camera is ok for general snaps.
It is just a little less sharp part of the picture close to the right edge. But only if you focus in the middle, if I refocus manually closer to the right it will be sharp. I know this issue is very common even in expensive lens of DSLR but just wanted to ask.
My DSLR cameras never had this issue because I only chose good quality lenses able to resolve the details and keep edge to edge sharpness. My lenses were Canon and Nikon pro lenses as well as prime lenses from 25mm , 50mm, 85mm and 135mm, plus a 105mm true macro lens . Mobile phones will never really match a decent quality DSLR , maybe the small end 1inch sensor compacts but not a true DSLR with a good quality lens , lighting also effects digital photography more than analogue I think, especially these little mobile devices because they aren't truly manual , even the rubbish galaxy s9 and variable aperture isn't really that variable, it's just 2 options , this or that....not fine tunable
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