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FM radio support

We are looking for FM radio support for nokia 7 plus . We need positive response from Nokia.

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FM is must.

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Hey guys I know you listening. Great work here bringing face unlock to us. I'm receiving my N7P next week. I'm from Spain and need that FM radio that I can get if take local brand BQ with their X2Pro for instance. Please bring it on the next software update!!! Thanks. Peace.

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Yes, it FM radio is important and since the chipset supports it why not simply activate it? Given that Nokia 6 does have FM, we really want it in the 7 plus also

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Agreed ,in countries like India it's a must

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I posted this thread before 15 days and I am expecting at least acknowledgement from Nokia representative. It seems like , it is end users one way communication.

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Is there a way they can still put a radio in our device? Does radio a hardware based specs? I believe India is the only country does have FM Radio

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There are possibilities to enabl FM radio on nokia 7 plus . Provided they have hardware at place.
Yes FM radio is must for everyone why Nokia is doing like this........small small features that were missed in Nokia 7 plus......... I'm asking the Nokia representatives to get a update with face unlock and FM radio and any other small features, because it is a mid range mobile. The mobiles which is nearer to Nokia 7 plus have got alot of features but we people left those mobiles and opted for Nokia 7 plus because we people are Nokia lovers and we waited for Nokia 7 plus. Please keep that in your mind and get the updates as early as possible Requesting Updates: 1. Face Unlock 2. FM radio 3. Pocket Mode Feature.......these are the major ones...... Thanking you......
We are expecting reply from Nokia representative.
Please add FM radio. I am a huge FM lover and as most people say the chipset support FM then please activate it. Thank you
Some one from nokia can reply to thread.
Having in built radio in Nokia 7 plus will be a good option
Moderator please take forward this feedback to Nokia team.
Moderator are you available on forum????
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