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FM radio support

We are looking for FM radio support for nokia 7 plus . We need positive response from Nokia.

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FM is must.

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Hey guys I know you listening. Great work here bringing face unlock to us. I'm receiving my N7P next week. I'm from Spain and need that FM radio that I can get if take local brand BQ with their X2Pro for instance. Please bring it on the next software update!!! Thanks. Peace.

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Yes, it FM radio is important and since the chipset supports it why not simply activate it? Given that Nokia 6 does have FM, we really want it in the 7 plus also

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Agreed ,in countries like India it's a must

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I posted this thread before 15 days and I am expecting at least acknowledgement from Nokia representative. It seems like , it is end users one way communication.

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Is there a way they can still put a radio in our device? Does radio a hardware based specs? I believe India is the only country does have FM Radio

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There are possibilities to enabl FM radio on nokia 7 plus . Provided they have hardware at place.
Yes FM radio is must for everyone why Nokia is doing like this........small small features that were missed in Nokia 7 plus......... I'm asking the Nokia representatives to get a update with face unlock and FM radio and any other small features, because it is a mid range mobile. The mobiles which is nearer to Nokia 7 plus have got alot of features but we people left those mobiles and opted for Nokia 7 plus because we people are Nokia lovers and we waited for Nokia 7 plus. Please keep that in your mind and get the updates as early as possible Requesting Updates: 1. Face Unlock 2. FM radio 3. Pocket Mode Feature.......these are the major ones...... Thanking you......

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We are expecting reply from Nokia representative.
Please add FM radio. I am a huge FM lover and as most people say the chipset support FM then please activate it. Thank you

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Some one from nokia can reply to thread.
Having in built radio in Nokia 7 plus will be a good option
Moderator please take forward this feedback to Nokia team.
Moderator are you available on forum????
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