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Nokia 6.1 freezing while using camera.

My new Nokia 6.1 is freezing sometimes while opening camera application. The same thing is also happening while using camera through third party apps like WhatsApp. I think may be it is due to new camera app. Any solution for the same ?

ya even same thing happens to me often, hating it so much :(

 the most frustrating part is that the Wifi issues got a reply from mods, as did the random reboots, but Nokia's been completely ignoring this issue, i've complained to support, posted here, and there are so many other threads as well. there's no solution afaik as of now apart from using the phone in "safe mode" which means you cant use any third party apps, its pretty ridiculous


yes after update android 8.1 security patch 1-May-2018

The phone camera is not working properly on all phones also in Nokia 8 and 6 and 6.1 all phones facing the same problem please resolve an issue in upcoming Update


Even I am facing this issue, not only with the camera but also the system UI. Sometimes while using random apps or just opening the apps tray System UI freezes and remains like that for few minutes.
The very same happens also to me. Practically I can't use my camera when I really need it.
I'm also experiencing the exact same problem. The native camera app seems to work better when the save location is set to "internal memory".

 It's ridiculous that three months in, this is still a problem. Third party apps that use the camera are basically unuseable for me

 The solution isn't working for me :(. and also, what if we want GPS location data in our photos? hope this gets patched.

I chatted with the German support today and I sent them the links to the nokia forum posts. I was told that the problem is known and due to the software and furthermore the technicians are working on it (priority). The support hopes that the problem will be resolved with the next update.

Further, "As a temporary solution, we can advise you to turn off 4G and location and hopefully these steps will be resolved until the solution is distributed by our development department." (translated from German)

Then I deactivated the "Location" permisson in the camera app. We will see.

Hope, that Nokia will fix this software bug soon.

Greetz from Austria

that's great news, let's hope it does get fixed soon. did you mention third party apps as well?

Yes, I mentioned my experiences with WA and instagram as well. Let's hope (:

I hope the next update includes it then, and isn't just a security patch

I'm another one with the same problem since day one of owning the phone.  I have two of the phones and they both have the exact same freezing problem. I'm about ready to return the phones and go back to my old Samsungs that actually work.  Should've known better than giving a these Nokia's a chance.

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