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Nokia 6.1 freezing while using camera.

My new Nokia 6.1 is freezing sometimes while opening camera application. The same thing is also happening while using camera through third party apps like WhatsApp. I think may be it is due to new camera app. Any solution for the same ?

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Not fixed for me, today was even worse than usual, both the snapchat and instagram cameras constantly crashed, and the main one froze once as well. Ugh.

It didn't fix it for me either. I still get lags and plain old locking up when I try it. It still isn't playing well with apps that use the camera. What a shame.
The camera issues is only on nokia 6.1 3/32 gb variant please fix this soon. Camera is the main part of the phone so where's the question about ignore this huh.. please fix it nah. Thanks
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