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Nokia 6.1 freezing while using camera.

My new Nokia 6.1 is freezing sometimes while opening camera application. The same thing is also happening while using camera through third party apps like WhatsApp. I think may be it is due to new camera app. Any solution for the same ?

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Soo that means we are left with a broken phone?? That's really not nice at all :/ My TA-1050 even frozze sometimes when i wake up a screen and i need wait 30s to come back to alive again soo i hope Nokia fix it its really a shame :/
I just talk with a support and a support was soo rude at all :/ Like saying me learn to use a phone and press a square button to clear ram when a frozzen screen happens.I mean i used soo many phones and please don't say me square button fix it.It's a OS problem with ram managment or who knows what anymore. I am soo dissapointed guys :( Is someone there like me having this issues??
I've been able to make it mores stable with some of suggestions in this forum. The August security patch generally fixed the total freezes.
Thanks for your research. Turning GPS off for camera made the difference. However, waiting for Nokia update otherwise the photos cannot be categorised according to the locations which is a very useful feature.

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After the September update and a camera update my ta-1043 camera is finally working without freezing the phone. After struggling for four months I can't believe this is true. How about the rest of you?

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It's better but unfortunately you will face again the problem. Really disappointed...

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I have the September update, but am still having the same issues with the camera.

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I think new camera updates change lotbof thing i.e.Google Motion,Lens,Emoji(Few),Some Mode For Front Camera.I don't have lots of problems on my phone but Pro Mode is not working On New Camera Application.Its says processing which is happening when take photo by pro mode.
Nothing is fixed its not working at all Lags,frezzes and i hate Nokia camera! No more Nokia for me that's for sure
With September update, the freezing has stopped. But now when i click photos it says 'processing' for almost 15 minutes. Furthermore, the front camera zoom is not working.
Frezzing didn't stop soo pls don't write it is cuz it's not Everything is broken on this stupid camera Can we do something more they hear us??
Hahaha I'm glad I sold this worthless Nokia 6.1 2018 .now using whyred and pocof1,,,been doing custom ROMs pie etc ..keep wasting ur time thinking this Fon will be improved ..sell it but a different brand u can root/flash stable pie ROMs with customisations like PEX ROMs ....etc !!have better camera experience
Yesterday i watched Nokia 7.1 launch Event So There is mentioned Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus will get Android Pie Updates In October.Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco will get Pie Update in November.
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