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Change Front/Back or Top/Bottom in Bothie

Hi Team,

While taking a snap in bothie mode, by default rear person face is on top and front person face is in bottom.

i want to change front and back option.

Provide me the option to change/interchange top and bottom part in bothie mode.

Please include this feature. 


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Tech Wizard

Nice Idea!

I do hope such an option is available to the user to choose what part is displayed on the top.

For now, U can probably capture videos with phone inverted (by 180 degree / upside down) and later rotate the video orientation by 180 degree !?

Community Hero

You can do this, just swipe up or down on the screen and the pictures swap around. I've also managed to record in bothie mode where the front camera was a picture-in-picture, but I don't know how I did it!

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Tech Wizard

I got my hands on Nokia 8, with Oreo Update and the Camera Pro update. The camera UI has changed a lot.

There is an option on the top, to change the Camera mode to Bothie, P-I-P mode. Symbol is a Portrait / default profile photo pic.

To switch between the camera views (Front camera or Rear Camera) , Click on the switch camera button next to shutter button.

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