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Got my 7 plus today..but can't connect to pc

My nokia 7 Plus just got delivered to me today..tried connecting to pc but "usb device not recognized error".. same when connecting to my laptop..when connecting i can here the notification sound on my phone but there is no "USB for?" notification... from where i can choose MTP.. turned on use debugging in developer option..still no luck..didn't expected this on a brand new device...need help :(

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so no one else had this issue?!

Nope. Make sure the USB drivers are installed. When I connected it first time with my computer sit showed up as cd rom and when I opened it, drivers started installing. After that when I again connected my phone, it detected it and showed it.

well my pc ddoesen't shows up anything.. other than usb not recognized.. and the usb option inside the connected device in my phone is also grayed out and said not connected... can u provide alink for the drivers?

The drivers installed on their own for me. What windows do you have?

Windows 10 x64.. the cd rom also not showing in my pc.. but the phone is charging when connecting to pc...i'm thinking it might be a faulty cable or the usb port of my phone is a faulty one

Yeah. Some fault otherwise the windows detects the phone and installs drivers automatically.

well my aunt's nokia 8 gonna be delivered i'm gonna check with that usb cable to see if it can connect..hope that nokia 8 doesn't come with the same problem.. if no luck then imma visit the nokia care

I am also facing same problem. Have you got solution please share with me

OK, so got the nokia 8 today..and used the usb cable provided in it's package to connect my 7 plus to pc.. it works.. so basically the usb cable of my 7 plus is the defective least the handset is not faulty.. 

You can try getting a new one from service center i guess.

yea i ask the support about it..they told me to visit the nokia care.. imma go to the care tomorrow

Went to service center.. got replacement for the all good now

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