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Not connecting 4G in US

I bought Nokia 6 in India 6 months ago in, it was working fine with Airtel 4G, I moved to US a month back for a long term deputation and switch to Lyca carrier, since then the 4G is not working and connecting only 2G. I put the SIM on another mobile bought in US, it connects 4G seamlessly. Looks like the mobile variant is not a global one, it's not matching the US band frequency. Any ways to update the firmware to match US band or it's hardware related? Thanks in advance. Regards, Saravana
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If you bought yours in India I guess it's TA-1021? Sorry, but TA-1021 radio does not support 4G/LTE bands used by US carriers. US-compatible variants are TA-1025 and TA-1039.

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