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I have been trapped on Android P for 2 days with no internet or option to roll back

It turns out that Android P can't connect to my home wifi and Nokia doesn't allow me to download file to rollback to 8.1

I've tried all suggestions from this thread on 6 browsers, 2 pcs and another phone. It simply does not allow me to get the original OS back.

Can someone who made a rollback please upload the .zip on some other hosting site, I just can't do anything on my phone in this state.

you can get unofficialy file(s) here:

after you download i sugest check if file is correct, here is sha256 checkum of files downloaded from Nokia:




on Linux: sha256sum

on macOS: shasum -a 256

on Windows: certUtil -hashfile SHA256

Thanks a lot for the reply. I ended up creating a third account and than it worked.

The links can be useful if someone still can't get the rollback. Thanks.

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