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Hi, I experience many freezes on any apps. To solve this i have to lock off and on the phone. I have the Nokia 7 plus since 2 weeks. Can you help me? Thx.

 No one to help me?

Are you on 8.1?

 Yes 8.1.0 and april security update

I have experienced many stutters and lags. Especially on 3 rd party apps. Animation frame drops are serious and. Nokia should know that and have to fix it

 No lag for me, just regularly frozen on apps

Might be best to try a factory reset and setup as new device when you sign in to google

 It's a new phone, only 2 weeks.

Did you recieve phone with 8.0 then update to 8.1?

 Yes, update on the start of the device.

I would still recommend a factory reset, i have seen compliants on here and xda developers about 8.1 not working well for some 7plus owners.

 And i do the 8.1 update?

It should already be part of the recovery system image this is the case with most android phones when they download the update it get integrated to system recovery image. So in the event of factory reset you are reset to fresh 8.1
Problem is still there after the Factory reset.
If you have ta-1046 or ta-1055 you can sign up to the android P developer option and sideload it if you want to try that, is it freezing with stock apps or store apps or both? I would suggest either send it in for repair to hmd/nokia service center (you may lose your warranty i am not sure of the terms) or send it back to the retailer
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