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Native apps

Nokia, make us a native music player. Something nice and powerful that sets our phones apart from other android phones. The music apps on the play store aren't good. Give us a native music player on the next update, please

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You have Google play music installed on Nokia 3, why don't you use that? It works like any other music play out there

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Yes. I suppose we would like to have a Nokia made music player. Photo viewer editor. And a good file manager. These are a must. We don't want Google apps or third party trash

Tech Wizard

Hello, if Nokia starts to make its own Native Apps then this will contradict their own claim of Pure and Secure Android for its devices. By Pure and Secure it means that Nokia wants its user to enjoy the Stock Apps and Services provided by the Google themselves and get faster updates. So if they go on making their own Native Apps like you mentioned, the scenario will be like of the Samsung Phones. Basically their phone has two or even three apps for the same function like Gmail-Email, Bixby-Assistant etc. and this is one of the reason Samsung isn't able to provide faster updates to its user even on its flagship devices. And also since Nokia has just made a comeback so they might not want to spend resources on something that is already there and won't have specific value.

I really hope they let Nokia stay pure Android without unnecessary apps. That was one of the main reasons i bought a Nokia phone.

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The google photos app wants to online every single time, not letting me access my images right away. The google music doent have sort by folder option. I have to install third party trash for thus reason... so i hope nokia makes such apps for thier phones. Thats it. I dont ask for whole new system launcher or software. Just these basic apps.

If Nokia create their own apps then, as mentioned above, they cannot claim it to be pure, secure and up to date. Not only that but it would mean that the Nokia 3 would no longer be an Android One device.

If that is the case then why not, for the sake of nokia users, nokia make these apps and put on the play store. Which shall be available only to nokia devices for download. I know this can be done. Plz do this atleast

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Yep agree... Pure android will not win the race. We need some apps to make things runs smoothly and easy. Even the battery saving mode drains the phone in about 10 minutes.

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We really need pure Nokia apps. All the apps we get from the play store are flooding with adds, on top of that, we have to pay extra money to some to remove the adds. I already spent money buying the phone...Nokia should give us decent native apps. They already gave us the file manager, now they should follow through with the other important apps
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