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I can't watch HD videos in FACEBOOK! Whats wrong?!

YEAH, This is my only problem in this phone, im disappointed why Nokia 7 plus can't open facebook's videos in HD?! Any help? News?

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It seems that some videos have no option to change the resolution or no HD options at all. Nokia and FB should address this bug ASAP.

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I have also same issue and hope it will be corrected soon by Nokia or Facebook

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Just had a chat with support. It's a known issue that that the FB app developer should fix. He told me that since 7plus has 18:9 aspect ratio its not yet supported by FB HD resolution, something like that. We should inform the app developer as well so that they can patch this.

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 ^This isn't true since the Nokia 6.1 doesn't support it either

Had this issue since I got the phone in April, just gotta wait and hope that they patch this in a furute firmware update-- also hope Facebook themselves do something about this.

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Is this problem solved? Please tell as I am facing it.
No not solved! :-/
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