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Wich Android Version is the HMD dp based on?

The previous Android Builds for the Nokia 7 plus were based on Android Oreo (8.0/8.1) - that's clrearly visible.

But now I'm wondering wich Android version is the HMD developer preview based on?

I'm asking because there is almost no similarity to the preview builds other smartphone manufactureer released... and it has absolutley nothing in common with the developer previews for the Pixel phones. It looks like a very cheap imitation of it... a failed attempt.

What's going on? With the Android One builds for Oreo HMD did a real good job. It was great!!!

Is HMD already dropping Android One and is building its own interface? 

The Nokia 7 plus is a very well done device with a beautiful Android One system and I am lucky to own it. But this preview build of a so-called Android P makes me losing my joy.

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How is this developer preview overall? In terms of performance, battery life, apps and overall system stability?

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