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Sound issue

I am using nokia 6 and facing poor and low sound from loudspeaker issue after oreo update. How much time take solved this issue. I hope nokia solved this issue next update. Please do asap nokia.

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I have the same problem. When I reboot it disapears but when I mute my phone it cannot be completely unmuted afterwards. It sounds in the lowlest level. Then I restart again and that is not good at all...
It's a troll guys. Now they will just tell us to contact the seller for repair. I have given up and just continue to use the phone, but no more nokia products in future!
@Anthojay Most stock android phone are producing noisy sound with Oreo. Complain it to Google rather Nokia. Nokia 6 is worst sufferer due to dual Audio amp.
@user1521092900150 do you know where we can complain to google? So that we can all complain at the same time under one thread
They said it Will be fixed in Android P . Google is kidding with us. We better blame Google than Nokia... I can notice noise even in my nexus 6p but pixel is still fine rather quality improved . This seems to be a intentionally done by Google.
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