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And I want change the old phone with the new features

Hello team of Nokia and I want change the phone features of @Nokia asha 210qwerty keypad phone and it would be nice idea of adding features like the middle button of the phone has been replace with the finger print scanner,change the screen size to 3.5 inches and add the snapdragon 636 processor with 2.1 GHz and also add the camera lens with 12 mega pixel front and back with dual tone flash and at the side of buttons has add a special feature like camera buttons

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You mean a modern update of the Asha with the full QWERTY keyboard on it but using smartphone level hardware? A bit like a Blackberry running Android?

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Yeah! But if it is implemented it would be in low cost as compared with black berry qwerty phones because Nokia has creating the products with same quality of design and it has a good market around the world and also there is qwery lovers like me a round the world
And it's features made me wonder! And it's build quality is also superb for it's preceder phone's like Nokia 6.1,7plus,8siroco etc all these products build quality and design and software of Android one power's these phones to be blessed with the company magical ideals so I think @nokia asha 210 will be aa good phone for students and business persons
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