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Android 8 doesn't work properly

i couldn't use my Nokia 2 after upgrading with android 8. i can't control full volume level of my media player. and i have suffer many issue after upgrade ma Nokia 2. So, now, suggest me or give me the solution that, which Android operating system will be best of my Nokia 2 and how can i do solve it.

Best Answer
how u get 8 update.

Sorry for interruption but how did you get android 8 update for Nokia 2 as it is  not available yet??

what is your model number??

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how u get 8 update.

Well it is Nokia 3 not Nokia 2 , and I remember that it would be available for each Nokia 3 but without restoring

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Oh yeah. big mistake!! its nokia 3. by the way, thanx for ur information. but again i wanna to know about restoring Android previous or old system version, "Noway?"

perhaps the unofficial way
but remember it will terminate the waranty

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