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My phone's display is so warm that the whites almost appear yellow. The night light if off. Also this increases with screen usage. Another bug is while reducing brightness the display becomes reddish. Does anyone have this issue.

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Yes almost every other Nokia 7 plus is having these issue. Even I got this issue n got a refund on 1st one (black variant). But again I bought white variant and even this one is also having the same issue. I think it's a software glitch. May be if they add live display feature it can be resolved

I have same issue, and today requested Nokia to fix it. DHL came to my home to pickup the phone in a 30 min.  I was surprised how fast it working, so until now have Nokia great support.

Lets see what the solution are from Nokia about yellow screen...

Naha where do you live??


Me too, my screen very warm and somtime it become pinkish, i don't know how to fix this problem.

 Just use below link for phone repair


Send your phone back to Nokia. Go into their homepage then select below.

I have the same issue too...
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