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Very user unfriendly

This is really the most user unfriendly forum/community where I was ever logged in. The most of my comments are simply not displayed, even in topics I've created, without any justification. My questions why this is happening are not answered. Gradually I regret buying the Nokia 7 plus. Although it is a very good device I begin thinking about selling. The service/support is terrible, unlocking the bootloader is still not supported (who knows if it ever will be), and the Android P developer preview is a really bad joke... It is definitely not enough to build good hardware!!!!
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Hi BatManiac, 

I’m really sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with the forum. Unfortunately, a lot of your posts needed to be approved by a moderator. And over the weekend this takes longer. I don’t know why your posts ended up there, but we are aware of this issue and try to improve it. 

Have a wonderful day, 


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