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Nokia 7 Plus 6Gb Ram Android P Beta

Hi, I bought my Nokia 7 Plus on in china. Unfortunately it has only english and chinese as language options. I'd like to update to android p beta, but when i tried to register it with my imei Nokia stated, that my phone is not verified for the beta software. I found out that there should be a possibilty to get android P on but this requires root access and is quite complicated. Does anybody know why the chinese version lacks international language support and Android P beta verification?

 It is because the China variants run a more customized flavor of Android. They do not run Android One, as is the case with global (WW) variants of the phone.

So, they are neither allowed to take part in Nokia beta labs, nor the Android P developer preview. You can decide to follow the XDA guide at your own risk :)

How to get access to root directory and do i have to contact a Taobao seller to flash the rom as shown in the hidden content?


You don't need to update to P to have android one. All you need to do is flash the roll back zip then you will stay at android 8.1 official and receive google updates. 

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