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Please advise how to swap "Back and Recent" Navigation button positions in Nokia 7 Plus.

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Settings->Display->Advanced->Navigation Bar
I did not find this in the display settings.. Is there any option available to swap the back and recent buttons?
Me neither, are you sure it's available to all Nokia 7 models?
I think the option is not applicable for Nokia 7 plus.
But Nokia should consider having the swap of back and recent buttons in Nokia 7 plus for user convenience..!!

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Có thể sử dụng trình adb để hoán đổi. Tôi đã thực hiện được
Is not available, in nokia 7plus ca we get the update.
Cached data delete option in storage For this process I have to install a new app please may sure to add this in a system update OnePlus is also offering this in android Oreo
Nokia India, I bought nokia 7 plus for my dad with much expectations. We are used to using right button as back button instead of recents. Kindly update and allow the feature to swap it. Its much needed and urgently.
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