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Android & Security Updates for UK (Model: TA-1050)


I bought 2 Nokia 6.1 phones (TA-1050) in the UK on day of launch, but as of today I'm still running Oreo 8.0.0 and Security Patch 1 February 2018.

Why is this?

I thought the whole point of the Android One setup was to get updates asap (I think Nokia hoped within 2 weeks of an update coming out)?

My security patch is now over 3 months old - can someone advise what is going on?

Many thanks. 

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Yeah me too. I have bought mine from CPW unlocked with an EE SIM and no updates. I also made the assumption that Android One would provide timely updates. What gives Nokia?

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Same for me too. It would be nice to know when it is coming. Seems like Nokia are not keeping to their advertised service level as we are still on February update.

me too. just put another networks SIM card in your phone and the update downloads immediately. EE seem to be blocking the 8.1 update for some reason, worked for me TA 1050 in the UK

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That just seems daft to me! Who is going to download 800MB+ via their mobile data allowance and not use wifi? If EE are blocking something then why is it not available on wifi?

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OK I've got a few other SIMS, going to try those and report back. I logged a call with Nokia and they said to use a VPN to get the updates.!?!?

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I have not got a clue. but it seems to be EE. give it a go with another SIM and please let me know how you get on.

Probably the phone is checking for updates via your provider 4G/3G and downloading is only via WiFi.

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yeah your probably right max. it worked for me straight away. I'm on EE and I put a Vodafone SIM in and the update downloaded, 8.1 April security patch on a TA1050

Wow. Put in a Vodafone SIM, boom 8.1 Oreo downloading. Seriously EE?

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Can someone then explain to me what the point of Android one is if it still relies on the carrier to give it the ok?

Surely this makes it the same as a 'standard' version of Android where you're at the complete mercy of the phone manufacturer / carrier?

I'm with BT Mobile (BT own EE), so I assume this is why I'm not getting the update?

Why can't Nokia make it available via the website?

What reason could BT have to delay the release of an update?

My phone is sim free, so BT really don't have any right to make decisions regarding the updating of my phone (I know, it probably does mention something in the T&Cs).

I'm going to contact BT and investigate - if I find they are the cause of the problem I will cancel all 4 sims I have with them!

(Please can anyone else post if they have success updating via another carrier - thanks)

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yep I'm on BT as well, I still can't fathom why the updates go through your carrier if the handset is SIM free, did you change SIM and get the update? also good luck with your investigating let us know how you get on 

Just on this, does anyone know if the whole EE / BT blocking updates applies to just the smaller security patches / .1 operating system updates - or are we saying that under EE / BT will will never get ANY updates?

Unfortunately I only have access to EE based sims (Plusnet and Virgin Mobile). I've seen it mentioned elsewhere to use a VPN - how?

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