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Android & Security Updates for UK (Model: TA-1050)


I bought 2 Nokia 6.1 phones (TA-1050) in the UK on day of launch, but as of today I'm still running Oreo 8.0.0 and Security Patch 1 February 2018.

Why is this?

I thought the whole point of the Android One setup was to get updates asap (I think Nokia hoped within 2 weeks of an update coming out)?

My security patch is now over 3 months old - can someone advise what is going on?

Many thanks. 

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sdbillin - did you just get the update without any interaction?

I have a TA-1068 in the UK which I've had a couple of weeks now. At first I had an EE SIM in it and was stuck on the Feb update. Then moved to a Three SIM and that got me up May. Today my phone (still on Three) automatically downloaded June and then July and applied them. I didn't have to do anything to force it.

In general I'm very happy with the phone, it has been very stable and even though there appeared to be a slight update delay they came through in the end (I wasn't panicking about it). Thanks Nokia/HMD!

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user1530862482461, I'm on 3. Been checking multiple times a day, and it just appeared. Ditto for the July update. Be interesting to see what happens when the August update gets posted.
Tried again with the *#*#2432546#*#* the message I get checkin succeeded not checkin successful would this make any difference
Still no update even using those commands
Good news the June and then the July updates just came though on the phone (TA1050). They came via the normal check updates method (i.e. didn't have to use any factory reset, SIM swap or keypad tricks).

I had really got fed up with waiting with no response, so last night I had an online chat with Nokia support as a final attempt to get it sorted before I gave up and returned the phone for a refund.

Nice one Nokia, it took a long time and a lot of kicking and shouting by everyone, but you got there in the end.  Just keep the updates rolling and you'll have a lot of happy customers, rather than a howling mob.


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I given up getting the updates tried everything still no update ta-1050 on o2 it's to much hassle now see if I get the August update

Yay! June & July updates arrived on my TA-1050 (UK, O2) a few minutes ago, via the normal Settings > System Update screen. Now at build 00WW_2_22E_SP01.

I've done a factory reset and managed to capture the URL for the July update. Now I don't know if this is full patch or if you need to be on the June patch first (I was), and this is definitely for the TA-1050 - I don't know about other variants of the 6.1.

Anyway, I've posted details (including the full link) on reddit in this thread (you'll need to decode as I can't post URLs here):

reddit dot com slash r slash Nokia slash comments slash 94hkmu

Or just go to the Nokia subreddit and look for "July 2018 patch OTA URL for Nokia 6.1 (TA-1050)"

Wish I'd seen this sooner - just did the June and July updates through the VPN/reset method. Cheers anyway

just received the August security patch. no problem

Likewise, August update came through with no problems. Hopefully Nokia have sorted the problem fo good.

My wife's 6.1 (VM) got the June and July updates last week and I've just checked tonight and August has just downloaded :-)

Mine (PlusNet) is still stuck on May :-(

Credit when it's due. I'm on EE and to receive all previous updates I had to swap Sims with my wife's 3. Today I have received August patch no problem, no prompting, no sim-swapping. They must've got their act together!

19 Sep 2018: Thanks for the tips. I was stuck on Apr 2018 on a Nokia 6 (2018).

I tried *#*#2432546#*#* and apart from the (!) alert it didn't seem to do anything for hours.

So I put an old giffgaff SIM in and the Nokia immediately downloaded and upgraded to Jun 2018.

Then automatically downloaded Jul and Aug.

So people with this problem might still need a non-EE SIM card to get things started and then *#*#2432546#*#*

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