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Android & Security Updates for UK (Model: TA-1050)


I bought 2 Nokia 6.1 phones (TA-1050) in the UK on day of launch, but as of today I'm still running Oreo 8.0.0 and Security Patch 1 February 2018.

Why is this?

I thought the whole point of the Android One setup was to get updates asap (I think Nokia hoped within 2 weeks of an update coming out)?

My security patch is now over 3 months old - can someone advise what is going on?

Many thanks. 

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Hi, I am in the UK and my Nokia 6.1 has just installed the May update.  It was about 460 MB.  I have not noticed any difference yet.  I use GiffGaff (O2).

Borrowed as 'iD' sim (on 3) from a colleague at work for 5 mins - sure enough update is there and waiting.

Grrr! What gives EE (, Virgin and ASDA)?

I paused the download then rebooted with my sim in - it stopped and said update was not available. Even thought it had started the download.

So I've borrowed the sim again while the full download happens.

I tweeted EE (and some of their MVNOs):

Reply 1 (From EE): Any updates approved by the manufacturer and the network provider with be sent out automatically to your device.

Reply 2 (From EE): Software updates will vary between networks as they contain network settings for your phone to function on the network you are using. When the update is available it will be sent to you. We have no reason to withhold updates from being sent.

Does anyone here know how the updates work? The phone needs a mobile data connection to allow the upgrade - then the upgrade downloads over wifi.

What differences would the network make to the update?

I have raised a complaint with BT to try to find out about the lack of updates. Tried chat first but they were useless.
Thanks everyone for all the updates! Please continue to post here the outcome of any lines of enquiry. Can I also ask that any BT Mobile customer also post their experiences over on the BT Community forum, specifically under the thread I started ( ). You'll see this thread has already created dialogue. Cheers!
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