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Snapchat volume too low

I'm on 8.1 and use Snapchat occasionally.when I record video on Snapchat though the volume is very low when playing it back.I notice on camera when recording video if says ozo audio enabled ,but not on Snapchat. Anyone have a fix for this ?

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Its either Nokia have to fix or the snapchat app doesn't support OZO audio recording.
Probably Nokia's fault,can barely hear the audio on playback.Needs fixing quick
Barely hear audio on playback in snapchat videos??
Yes.It is really low. Cannot send Snapchat videos to my friends because they can't make out audio.O youur have same issue ?
Don't use snapchat so can't say but some users previously reported this issue. Contact the customer support using call or chat to tell them this issue.
Ok told them and they gave me the usual idiot's guide.Check your volume,check Snapchat us up to date, Eventually they said they would forward it to the development team.
Same issue... See its not only on snapchat its too found in FB Instagram . Check
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