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Security update

When is Nokia 7 plus getting security updates as till 14ay n still waiting for security as previous Nokia released always in first week of month now why so delay as Samsung does and may security will improve the camera quality n battery doesn't last too long it drains so fast if u surf the Google chrome

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Most people have no issues with battery life. If your SOT is above 7 hrs over a period of 20 - 24 hrs of usage, your usage is moderate and the battery life is perfect. The 2 day battery life as advertised is for light usage of the device. Regarding this month's update, Nokia may have delayed it to fix various bugs reported by the users.
Is there any official thread / download page where the new update changelog and links to download full ROMs is made available?

@Amol Sapre Update log here :

OTA only for now

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@ThisIsMyUsername thanks for the link. I hope official full roms are made available in case we feel like rolling back after a certain update.
Thanks @ThisIsMyUsername The link suggests an April security update? Nokia 7 Plus, 00WW_2_13B, released on April 11, 2018 Anyone got this? I'm on 1st February. :frowning_face:
I didn't get security patch update Still running on april security patch

Hey @user1526017802222

What country are you in, and what phone network you on?

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India is my country I am using jio and idea networks
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