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Random reboot when charging

Hi I have charged my Nokia 7 Plus on 2 occasiond overnight, and on both of these occasions the phone appears to have restarted. I'm still waiting for the April update and am running on 8.0 Feb. Not sure if this is s software issue, that would be fixed by the update, or if it could be hardware. Has anyone else had this issue? Cheers

Phone has restarted again. Not even charging this time.

FWIW I have exactly the same issue. I had thought that it was fixed, as it went more than 24hrs without doing it. But I was woken early this morning by the Nokia startup sound!

Reading elsewhere online there seems to be a few people with the same issue. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed OTA, and not something that required warranty replacement.

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Contact the customer support immediately and tell them that you have tried even factory reset but didn't get solved. See what they reply.
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