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Hey guys... I bought the nokia 7 plus on 12may..i have the Indian version with android 8.1 and april security update. It has been 8h 20m since my last full charge and i have a screen on time of 5h and 11m.i used pubg mobile for nearly 1.5hours and my mobile data is active almost all the time. Is the SOT and my battery backup okay?or do i have a defective i read online that the nokia 7 plus offers at lease 7h of SOT and currently i am at 5h SOT with 20% battery remaining.. Also the day i bought the phone..i lost about 18% of charge overnight and the other day i kept the phone at battery saver mode and lost nearly 6%. Please answer wether my battery backup is okay or is it a defective phone I've got.

It's absolutely fine. Pubg is quite a heavy game and active 4g all days uses a lot of battery. If you don't game, even you can achieve 7+ hrs of SOT. Regarding the overnight discharge, make sure you keep data off.

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The data was off brother...btw thanks a lot for the reply :relaxed:
Ok. Look for 2 or 3 nights about the discharge. It loses at least 6 - 7 percent in about 9 hrs. It should be less though. Hope Nokia will improve it. Try blacklisting the apps through battery settings that you don't need to run in the background.

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Also..i have pubg,instagram, WhatsApp,fb,snapchat and some other apps in my phone..the device monitor in the support app shows that 70%of my ram has been used...i have absolutely no problem using the device and there is no lag..but I'm just a lil worried as it says 70%ram has already been it normal?
No issues. Mine also shows 64 percent used. Ram is there to keep the apps in the background.

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You can blindly ignore the RAM stuff. Android itself is capable enough of taking wise RAM management decisions. In fact its good that you have 70% RAM occupied. This shows that your phone has preloaded apps in RAM to open them up quickly. Will you be happy with 80% RAM being free and apps loading slow or 70% of RAM occupied with apps opening quickly? Also frequent cleaning of apps from RAM enforces more strain on your phone's processor thus drawing more battery power.
These are just wost myths whihc people believe when it comes to RAM. Companies like NOKIA and google spend lot in doing R&D on software end thus delivering fine tuned products.
Be happy and enjoy your phone !!

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