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@Laura (Moderator)

It would be nice to have a post introducing yourself so that we can get to know the main moderator better. Also you could address some other community changes or future plans that you may have for this forum (if any). Also, you could put a link about the Discord server :)


Hi Rinzler,  

You’re ruining my surprises :D. I plan on giving a bit longer introduction on myself and on my ideas for the community forum next week. I have some things in plan, but still need to talk them through with some other people before I promise anything I can’t keep :) . After that I will introduce me to the discord community as well (I haven’t forgotten about you guys). 

Have a nice  day, 


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Haha xD... Thanks btw
Hey Laura I purchased Nokia 7 Plus and it shipped with Android 8.1 I got an update weighing around 441 MB ..but I can't find the Face Unlock feature. Kindly Help

When will we receive the Oreo 8.1 update for Nokia 3???

 I was hoping to see a pretty picture of Laura at her profile image but alas, it was a picture of a snake!

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Hi, how can I change my username?
At the top you will see your Avatar picture next to it is a down arrow click on it or press on it. You will get a drop down menu press/click edit profile.
It will then load a screen with all your info. You can then change your username under the heading "display name". After you're done click the save button at the bottom. Hope it helps?
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