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Shutter speed of the camera in auto mode


Don't you think the shutter speed threshold of the camera in auto mode is too low ? This result in too much blurry photos in dark scene...

Let me explain : depending on the light available in the scene, the camera will adapt shutter and ISO.

The default algorithm seems to increase the ISO only when the shutter speed goes below 1/30, which is a standard value for a camera, but is too low for a smartphone that you can not hold as steady as a DSLR for example !

So the result is blurry photo because of a slow shutter speed, although the ISO is only 100 for example, and could have been bumped a bit without damaging the quality to allow a faster shutter speed which avoid blur.

I think for a smartphone this should be set to at least 1/60, or maybe even 1/100. The ideal solution will be to have a setting to define that (like every camera with an auto ISO mode...).


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Lack of OIS in Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco contribute a lot to their blurry photos. The pictures of Nokia 8 are even better especially with Google Camera despite the fact that it has no Pro Camera because it has OIS
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