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Hello everyone, I got my phone yesterday. When I inserted the SD card in the phone, it showed me that the SD card is not supported & it asked me to format the card as an internal storage. It's a Samsung Evo Plus 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 memory card. Is this a problem with the phone or the memory card ? The memory card was working perfectly fine until yesterday evening in my Moto G5 Plus. I'm on the lest version of software i.e. Android 8.1 with April 2018 security patch. Please advise...

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I have a TA-1055 in UK Serial number B2NGAA...  Andriod 8.0.0 01-Feb-2018 Android Security Patch Level

I have a SanDisk Elite 128Gb microSDXC - Read up to 100Mb/s Write up to 90Mb/s. I have NO option to "Format as Internal memory"? my only choice is "Format as portable storage"

It would be very interesting if we could get an exact reply from HMD/Nokia rather than "refer to ""generic information"" "

What microSDXC read write specifications can be Formatted as Internal and/or Portable on each of the Nokia 7 plus phone models or Serial numbers.

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