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RE: GMail Shortcut Icon Issue

(I do not think my first attempt attempt at posting this thread was successful for some reason; unless it needs to be moderated?>

Hi folks,


I joined here recently as I bought a Nokia-3 last week.


Today I opened/signed-into (on my phone) my GMail account, for the first time. None of the emails in this account are unread. However, the icon for the app. has a (red ) number 4 fixed to the upper-right-hand-corner (ie. indicating that there are 4 unread emails in my inbox waiting to be opened)!?


Similiar numbers appeared on my What's App and Hotmail shortcut icon when I installed these two apps this afternoon; however one I read the new emails, the numbers disappeared. But, as I say, this is not the case for GMail.


Many thank in advance for any assistance offered.



Tech Wizard

Nokia 3 on Android 7.1.2 is what you are using I assume.

The notification error happens at times. 

Do check if you have any unread messages/mails in folders.
The number usually disappears after syncing / after a restart of the phone.

Long press on the Gmail icon and go to App Info. 
Select Force Stop and open the application and try syncing.

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Simply go to settings> apps> gmail> clear data. After that open the gmail app and let it sync then this problem will be resolved!

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Hi Emaz,

I went to: settings> apps> gmail>clear data, and followed your instructions.



Hi Nishanth,

Does CLEAR DATA not wipe all of my email (in Gmail) globally?  Or does this command produce an action which is less volatile?

How do I fined the ANDROID VERSION, please?




By suggesting a REFRESH, does one mean touching the top of the screen and swiping down, please? I think this produces the same result as 'F5' on a PC?


Emaz Anwar,

I replied this afternoon, but for some reason - as has happened before - not all of my responses appear?!


Clear data on Android (in the apps part of system settings) only clears local data on the Android device. It should have no impact on the server. Something else to try is searching for "is:unread" on the "All Mail" folder in the web interface. It's just a guess, but you might have some ancient unread messages which are not immediately obvious.

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Sorry for no reply... It was night in  my country so I was sleeping. :) 

May I know that whether your problem is resolved now?

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Emaz Anwar,

No problem. I appreciate your kind help.


Hi Murph,

Thanks for explaining the method of CLEAR DATA. I was concerned it would wipe my emails globally.

After performing this and a couple of restarts, the issue seems to have been resolved now!



The GMail notification has appeared back again; and alongside a What's App and missed-call 'icon-number' - even though I have no messages or missed calls?!

No idea why this is the case.

Many thanks.


Why don't you upgrade your phone to Android 8.0? It will solve this issue permanently...

Emaz Anwar,

I purchased the phone 2 months ago and am now locked into an 18 month contract. The sales assistant told me this phone was bang-up-to-date with all it's features.

The Android Version I have is: 7.1.1


But why are you locked into 18 month contract? Your phone was up to date when you purchased it but now it's not up to date! Go to settings> About Phone> System Update> Check for update> Install.

This will take a few minutes to download & install the latest version of Android. After that, your phone will be running Android 8.0 Oreo with April Security Patch, 2018.

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