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RE: GMail Shortcut Icon Issue

(I do not think my first attempt attempt at posting this thread was successful for some reason; unless it needs to be moderated?>

Hi folks,


I joined here recently as I bought a Nokia-3 last week.


Today I opened/signed-into (on my phone) my GMail account, for the first time. None of the emails in this account are unread. However, the icon for the app. has a (red ) number 4 fixed to the upper-right-hand-corner (ie. indicating that there are 4 unread emails in my inbox waiting to be opened)!?


Similiar numbers appeared on my What's App and Hotmail shortcut icon when I installed these two apps this afternoon; however one I read the new emails, the numbers disappeared. But, as I say, this is not the case for GMail.


Many thank in advance for any assistance offered.



Hello Emaz Anwar,

As far as I am aware, there is a distinction between 'update' and 'upgrade'. The former refers to a 'System Update' in which the OS, or apps, are updated to the latest 'version(s)'. Whereas the latter refers to the owner 'upgrading' their handset(s). 

Your initial reply reads:

"Why don't you upgrade your phone to Android 8.0?"

This would suggest 'replacing' one's handset.

Many thanks.


Why do my replies in my threads never seem to show?  I have to keep re-posting them!


Seriously, I have no idea about that! :)

Emaz Anwar,

It's very frustrating because I spend half an hour replying and then my answer does not display!


Emaz Anwar,

Your reply came through 3 times?!


I have no idea about how my reply came through 3 times. And for the upgrade concern, I may say that you should upgrade your phone's software to Android 8.0. Getting a new OS on your phone is a software UPGRADE for your phone...

I hope you understand! :)




Sorry for the reply issues and so on... this is simply because some posts end up in our 'Waiting for approval' folder and one moderator has to approve them before they show. So next time when your post doesn't show immediately, you don't have to type it again. It will show as soon as I have approved it. 


I don't really know why this is happening with some perfectly fine posts and believe me this isn't annoying just for you. But I'll work on this issue. 


Best Regards, 



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<3rd attempt at posting>

Emaz Anwar,

As far as I am aware, 'upgrade' means to replace your handset for a more recent model.  Whereas 'update' means to update the software/OS.

In any event, my Android is running: '1.7.1' at present. In which case, how do I install 'v.8.0', please?



Go to settings› about phone› system update› check for update. You'll see a on-screen notification saying "Software Upgrade - Android 8.0. Tap download and then tap restart & install. Downloding and installing the update can take some time depending on your internet speed. When you'll tap install, your phone will turn off and then a rainbow window will appear in which the Android 8.0 will start installing. After that, Your phone will restart itself and then your phone will be running Android 8.0. And please, do not worry if your phone restarts 2-3 times during the installation. You must keep your phone up to date to get all the fresh experience & smooth UI. On a monthly basis, Google Security patches are released. Have a nice day! ...And don't forget to tell me how it goes :).

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Emaz Anwar,

OK, great. I'll give it a go ...


After clicking ‘Check For Update’, it says: ‘Your System Is Up To Date’: Android Version 7.7.1; Security Patch Level 5 – March 5th 2018.

Its kind a akward that your phone hasn't got the Android Oreo. Android Oreo was released for Nokia 3 in the month of April. Have you contacted Nokia support about this matter? Your phone should run Android 8.0 with May Security patch. Even my phone is running Android Oreo.

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Emaz Anwar,

OK, I will see if I can get a hold of Nokia.  Though I did not really want to have to join another forum to be honest.



Hi Laura,

Thanks for your reply.

I do not see why every single message which is posted in this forum needs to be 'moderated'? For example, surely by now it is quite obvious that I am not a 'spammer'!



Hi, you need no other forum in order to talk to Nokia support. The app is built-in directly into your phone. This forum never let me post any picture I mean after posting, the post never appears in the thread. I'd like post the screenshot of Android 8.0. It's just amazing...

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