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RE: GMail Shortcut Icon Issue

(I do not think my first attempt attempt at posting this thread was successful for some reason; unless it needs to be moderated?>

Hi folks,


I joined here recently as I bought a Nokia-3 last week.


Today I opened/signed-into (on my phone) my GMail account, for the first time. None of the emails in this account are unread. However, the icon for the app. has a (red ) number 4 fixed to the upper-right-hand-corner (ie. indicating that there are 4 unread emails in my inbox waiting to be opened)!?


Similiar numbers appeared on my What's App and Hotmail shortcut icon when I installed these two apps this afternoon; however one I read the new emails, the numbers disappeared. But, as I say, this is not the case for GMail.


Many thank in advance for any assistance offered.



Nokia said:

If the update hasn't come yet don't worry! The updates are depending on many things such as Google, region, kernel version, mobile operator etc. I advise you to be a bit more patient.

Guess you have to wait as there's nothing left to do right now... :)

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Emaz Anwar,

I will have some more questions relating to other aspects in the mean time.


You are welcome to ask :)
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