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Nokia Covering their backs for lack of Updates,Fixes in Warrenty

So I'm fairly peed with Nokia after investing in the Nokia 7 plus. The main selling point of this phone is Android One, fast, frequent updates, yet many of us are still on Android 8.0 with February security update, mainly UK and Ireland. This got me thinking, if this doesn't improve(which it may), can I get a refund for them not fulfilling their Android One promise, so I looked at their warranty and it seems like they are covering their backs, especially for future fixes. They basically saying any updates we release may not meet your requirements. So If we are unhappy with updates, then tough. I really don't like this paragraph in the warranty, it seems like they already know they're gonna mess up: 

On warranty:

"    Manufacturer does not warrant that software preinstalled by or on behalf of Manufacturer in the Product (or subsequent updates and upgrades) (together “Manufacturer software”) will meet your requirements, work in combination with any hardware or software not provided by Manufacturer, is uninterrupted or error free or that errors are correctable or will be corrected. For Manufacturer software related errors, Manufacturer will make available the latest version of the Manufacturer software for reinstallation on your Product or, if that would not be possible, another remedy, which in Manufacturer’s reasonable discretion, satisfactorily addresses the error. Some Manufacturer software may be subject to separate license terms that are available with the software.

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